Henry Rothschild Memorial lecture

Talk with images of the Henry Rothschild Memorial Lecture by guest speaker Sandy Brown, 3 December 2020.


The Power of Making with an Empty Mind

Interview podcast with Jeremiah Krage who runs The Practical Creative

‘Sandy is an award winning artist whose work appears in collections around the globe. Her work is the result of a fierce commitment to a spontaneous and intuitive process. In fact, you’ll hear the phrases ‘letting go’, ‘being in the here and now’ and ‘empty mind’ several times in this interview. Working across media, including ceramics, painting, installation and sculpture, Sandy’s work is always bold, energetic, and hugely life-affirming. This conversation was recorded at her home in the seaside village of Appledore, Devon, in the UK, where Sandy also has her studio and exhibition space. Some of the topics we cover include: key moments that helped her to define her intuitive approach how Sandy cultivates a state of ‘not knowing’ when creating her work the value of trusting intuition and allowing your body to lead your creative process dealing with uncertainty, fear, and not liking your work the importance of ‘letting go’ and saying yes And what drives her to consistently take on new and bigger challenges. This was a delightful conversation with one of the bravest artists I know. Sandy’s commitment to, and trust in, the act of letting go, of not knowing – is as challenging as it is inspiring’. Jeremiah Krage.

WHY NOT? ~ Waarom niet?

Video made by Katy Bauer and subtitled in Dutch by de kleine K for the September issue 2020 of kleine K, the independent digital ceramics magazine.


Jump Touch Yellow

Preview of a performance by Sue Way (dancer), Sandy Brown (ceramic artist) and Chris de Graal (musician) using paint, clay, dance and music.